Summer Photo Project | Pittsburgh Family Photographer

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Summer Photo Project | Pittsburgh Family Photographer

This year we want to document our family's summer vacation! We enjoy living each day to it's fullest. We love traveling, trying new foods and spending time together. Our goal is to photograph a highlight from each day. While most of our time is spent around Pittsburgh we jump at any opportunity to travel! This post includes photos from June.


While downtown, under the shade of neon floating umbrellas, our ears listen closely to the upbeat Irish music. 


We enjoy an afternoon at Pleasant Kingdom, while the children fantasize the possibility of a Midieval time, and the eldest child simply lost in a book.


At Round Hill Farm, Ella and Tutu investigate the snorts of a pink pig, peering through the old wooden boards to catch a glimpse. 



Taking a rustic roadside stop, we stretch our legs before continuing our journey to Kentucky. 



We learn some old Indian games in the company of a Park Interpreter, fully enjoying our time at Big Bone Lick State Park.



We learn more about the journey of Noah and his family at the Ark Encounter, blown away be the sheer size of it!


Our youngest child prepares a tea party for her friends in her free time at the campground.


It's a great day at the pool with the cousins, playing some games before taking a splash.


Ella experiments with water to create some art on the buddha board, enjoying a sunny summer day.


Taking advantage of our areas diverse culture, we dine on some Loukoumades, bringing smiles to us all.


We reward the family's scholarly success with a night out at Red Robin.


The family bids farewell to Anna as she leaves for her weeklong mission's trip to Louisville, Kentucky.


We expirement a new summer haircut with my middle child, a mohawk! 


While the eldest begins her first day of her missionary trip, we set way to the movies to view Cars 3 with the cousins.


 We have been enjoying redecorating the porch, now we have a terrarium as the new center piece.

Anna returns from an eventful mission trip in Louisville, KY, with fond memories of her time serving at the Salvation Army.


This morning our little one woke up too early and put herself back to "bed."


We spend the afternoon at the Children's Museum in the North Side of Pittsburgh. We love viewing and experiencing all of the artist exhibits. First the kids make silk screen masterpieces in the studio.

After a delicious lunch on the patio, we headed over to the Makeshop. The room is filled with recycled materials and examples of beautiful artwork for inspiration. The children make flowers and experiment with electricity. As a right brained mother, I love this room, it gives me ideas on how to create a space in our own home to let our children express themselves creatively. We never want to leave this amazing place! 

The top floor houses water play. We weren't prepared for getting wet, but a little water won't hurt us.

Scurrying around like mice, two of our children fill the museum with giggles as they race around the huge vertical maze.

We love the colorful houses of the Mexican War Houses and stop to take a few photos.

My husband jokingly said that the highlight of his past 20 years was this musical night spent outside with dear friends. It encourages us to throw an outdoor party ourselves.

As the light fades and the air turns colder, our children borrow sweatshirts from our generous hosts to brave the cold.

Summer school in our living room.

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