Ella and Tutu's Amazing Camping Trip | Pittsburgh Child Photographer

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Ella & Tutu's Amazing Camping Trip | Pittsburgh Child Photographer

Story by Anna Mares. Doll by Lenna McGraw. Photography by Laura Mares.

This week, Ella and Tutu have the amazing opportunity to set up camp in Kentucky! Now sadly the drive wasn’t always smiles and sunflowers because they had to endure a seven-hour-long car ride…that was rough for all involved! Luckily, they take a brief rest in a covered bridge near Amish country. Ella is frightened when they find themselves in the dark, and has to grip Tutu close. 

They successfully cross the forbidden trail of darkness and sit down together, sharing plans for the upcoming night. Hopefully, they involve s’mores, a campfire, and the scratchy Mexican blanket they are currently cuddled on. 

Excitement obviously shows on their glowing faces. 

Ella graciously shares some of her favorite cookie with Tutu. Maple icing sandwiched between two crunchy cookies that are in the shape of a maple leaf. Yummm! 

No picnic is complete without skipping stones, so of course they partake in the ceremonious act. 

Tutu swears she hears a bullfrog croaking, but Elena has her doubts. They lean in close to hopefully catch the fading song that has escaped from its speckled green throat. 

It’s time to continue on, for they are close to the campground, and the light is fading. They say good-bye to the lush forest and rickety bridge. 

Ella and Tutu are excited to arrive at camp. They wander into their wooded campsite. Organizing their belongings, the girls prepare for a week of adventure.

While the rest of the family continues to set up camp, the girls race off to the nearby camp fire s'more social. The crickets sing and the fireflies dance as the two friends roast a few marshmallows. They patiently wait while munching on some Oreos. 

Ella creates a special s’more that has a banana in it, and Tutu leans in for a bite. 

They sit hand in hand, watching the sun seep into the earth, as though melting. Colors swirl as the goo from their late night snack melts gently onto their little fingers. 

In the morning they start off with some mini golf. 

Suspiciously, Ella gets a hole-in-one EVERY time!

It is Tutu’s idea to dip into some tie-dye next. 

They end up with a true masterpiece! Van Gogh would be proud indeed.

They finish off their day with a Bohemian Tea Party.

First, they give each other bracelets  as a sign of their friendship.

Tutu decides to wear it on her head of all places!

Ella gives her a kiss on the forehead to seal it all.

 A great hostess, Ella patiently serves all her guests some tea.

They dance awhile, until they feel dizzy.

They slam down onto the blanket waiting for them, out of breath. They smile throughly enjoying their last moments together in the great State of Kentucky!

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