Interview with a Mom of a Newborn Baby | Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

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Interview with a Mom of a Newborn Baby | Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer


January 22, 2018

20.5 inches 8 lbs 1 oz

He was six days late.

I'm originally from New Bedford, PA. It's just over one hour north of Pittsburgh. I moved here permanently in 2000.

I felt nervous excitement and joyful.

I told him he needed to get more girls for the softball team because I wouldn't be able to play the whole season.

The nursery is focused around a trio of tree prints by Jan Heath that I picked up in Berkeley Springs, WV. The nursery has features an oakleaf mobile and light sage green walls. Overall, it's simple, has calm colors, has a focus on nature.

Dave's dad's middle name was John and my dad's first name was Charles.  We decided on Jonathan Charles as a tribute to both.

We look forward to watching him grow and learn, and watching his personality develop. Down the road, I'm sure both Dave and I are looking forward to playing a little catch. :)

He's a smiley, stubborn, bright eyed baby.

Keep an open mind and be ready to adapt.  Prepare for changes to your plan.

The witching hour! Getting Jon to sleep in the evening hours.

Watching the process and the extreme patience that is involved with newborn photography! Also, I took away some tips to soothe Jonathan from watching Laura in action!!

It's just lovely to have reminders of the first days and weeks together.  Jon is making new sounds and faces each day.  It'll will be so nice to look back at these in the years to come and have something for Jonathan when he is older.  It's also just a beautiful way to share the moment with family and friends.

A white crocheted hat that I hooked was used.  I had not planned on it, but we had it with us and I love the way the photos turned out.

Thank you 🙂.  I first tried to crochet when one of my friends was pregnant with her first child.  That attempt was unsuccessful, but I tried again when my sister was pregnant with her first daughter and was more  determined for success.  I am mostly self taught with some guidance from my aunt.  

I have had a couple of requests for hats, so yes, I am always willing to consider selling them.

West Penn Hospital

Western Penn OB/GYN.  My delivering doctor was Andrew Sword.  He was outstanding and I love the group.

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Very good photos. It's a pleasure to watch them.
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