Ella and Tutu's Surprise Birthday Party | Pittsburgh Child Photographer

July 11, 2017  •  5 Comments

Ella & Tutu's Surprise Birthday Party | Pittsburgh Child Photographer

Story by Anna Mares. Doll by Lenna McGraw. Photography by Laura Mares.

Today is Ella’s 3 1/2 birthday party, and it is a surprise! Ella has no idea that Tutu has been inviting all of her closest friends to the pool party. While Ella is napping, Tutu begins to set everything up.

Tutu has arranged Ella’s favorite foods and decides on using a boho theme for the party decorations.

She has also set up a lot of cute decorations! 

When Ella wakes up, she finds her friends and family down at the pool! She can’t believe her eyes! 

After swimming, Ella and Tutu wander the yard to admire all of the decorations. They spin under the dream catchers. 

They then practice some somersaults! 

Ella tries some stylish, new french hairstyles on Tutu.

Soon it starts to rain, so everyone runs inside seeking cover! They decide to dine together in the living room. 

As soon as the rain relents, the party goers rush to the sunny sky. Ella needs some help from Daddy to blow out the candles on her strawberry lemonade shortcake. 

Ella LOVES the cake, and gobbles it up quick! 

She then skips over to try the watermelon, cucumber, mint water.  

All of the guests admire the fresh-cut wild flowers. 

Everyone gathers together to watch Ella gleefully open her presents.

Ella loves all of her gifts, she can't wait to play with the watermellon sticker and notebook pack!

Mama turns on the chocolate fountain, so Ella and Tutu mosey on down to sample the superb, sweet substance.

All of the children make quite a mess!

Ella sadly bids her guests goodbye, and promises to get together soon.

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Eszter Tuhegyi(non-registered)
I love how you captured those family moments! What a fun birthday!
what a fun birthday shoot, love the tent
Laurie Hasan(non-registered)
How wonderful! What a sweet party, and you captured these moments so beautifully.
Cuteness! What a fun birthday party!
Super sweet images! Tutu seems pretty great!
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