Family Photoshoot in Pittsburgh | Laura Mares Photography

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Family Photoshoot in Pittsburgh | Laura Mares Photography

On Special Election Day, our family took the chance to travel Pittsburgh in a new perspective...photoshoot style! The kids were weary of running into the middle of this alley to make the perfect shot, but the end results were priceless.

 It was a perfect day-except for the chilly weather! The kids raced to hand over their coats to my husband before each shot.

The traffic was light on the iconic Pittsburgh bridge we were shooting at, so my daughter and I seized the moment to capture some great portraits.

Taking a break from being daredevils, we moved our shoot to the walkway on the bridge. The youngest cherished the opportunity to be the tallest of her siblings!

It then took a couple tries to take the perfect jumping shot...but it was worth it!

As the wind picked up, the trio decided to squish together as much as they could to warm themselves up. The closeness produced some giggles!

 Ella spotted some pigeons and admired their pretty wings from afar.


Ella's silliness produced many smiles from others passing by. The reactions only induced more outrageous faces...

We found it quite ironic that all three of my children were wearing Converse All-Stars during the Pittsburgh shoot. We decided to seize the moment.

Ella shared her idea of having a dance party, which spurred this adorable out come!

The kids then took the chance to take some individual shots with the scenic Pittsburgh backdrop.

Ben posed under a willow tree for his portrait shots, the river in the background produced cool "gangster vibes" in these pictures!

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