Newborn Portrait Studio Session | Real Pittsburgh Family

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Newborn Portrait Studio Session | Real Pittsburgh Family

Our baby girl was born on August 2, 2017.

She was 20 inches and 7 pounds 9 ounces.

She was 16 days early.

We live in Shadyside. We recently moved to Pittsburgh from the west coast.

I was so excited and couldn't wait to meet her!

He was home when I took the pregnancy test and we waited for the results together :)

Simple white/neutral tones, with pink accents - pink peony paintings, pink sheets, and pillows.

My husband and I each had a list of names and we went through them together then waited and revisted the list and decided on Avery - it was on my list, but Jamie liked it from the beginning.

Teaching her how to cook and my husbands looking forward to teaching her all about his favorite movies :)

beautiful, easy, and fun!

In the moments when your newborn is crying or screaming at the top of her lungs - always remember that your baby loves you so much & needs you. They just don't have a way of communicating it to you yet.

Getting back into shape, like I was pre-baby.

Watching Laura pose Avery and how precious she looked in every shot.

It was important to us to capture her at this age and get professional photos of the three of us together.

We brought a couple headbands from Etsy and Amazon.

Forbes Hospital

East Suburban OBGYN

Laura Mares is an experienced photographer specializing in capturing timeless family keepsakes. Laura works on location and in her fully equipped home studio, located in Mt. Lebanon, eight miles south of Pittsburgh, PA. Laura’s style is creative, natural, and timeless. Would you like beautiful portraits of your newborn baby, to update your child and family portraits or to document a milestone in your life such as a wedding, graduation, birthday or reunion? If you are interested in high quality, timeless photographs, book your session today, call (412) 654-3367 or email [email protected] To view a wide range of gorgeous portraits and to get great tips, advice and beautiful inspiration follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


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