Ella & Tutu on a Treasure Hunt | Pittsburgh Child Photographer

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Ella & Tutu on a Treasure Hunt | Pittsburgh Child Photographer

Story by Anna Mares. Doll by Lenna McGraw. Photography by Laura Mares.

Today, Ella and Tutu are embarking on a new adventure!

Quickly, they stumble upon a book exchange. Ella spots what appears to be the perfect adventure book.

She askes her big sister to help her reach the large book with the vintage binding.

Ella flips open the book and is transfixed. It's not just an adventure book, it contains a treasure map!

She skims it over and realizes that the first task is to search for the lake.

So the duo pick out the perfect walking stick and begin their treacherous journey.

Soon enough, they find the lake of glimmering green, so Ella searches for the next clue while Tutu examines the treasure map... they decide they must walk 100 paces to the east.

Glancing across the lake, Ella sees a huge tree, roughly 100 paces to the east!

So then, they march!

Ella is really confused when they seem to be lost! She can find the tree anywhere.

Tutu scrambles up a small tree, trying to catch a glimpse... and she does!

Not far ahead, they find the silly tree!

Ella reads the next clue aloud for Tutu, "Follow the chirps until you find a wooden home the birds have found."

They know exactly were the final clue can be uncovered, and begin to speedily walk to their destination.

Ta da! The bird house! The next clue reveals that the treasure is nearby.

Within two chirps, the child and her doll point wordlessly to the winged treasure... it winks once before flying away in a flurry of red.

They share a smile and return home but not before returning the book for the next young adventurous child.

Laura Mares is an experienced photographer specializing in capturing timeless family keepsakes. Laura works on location and in her fully equipped home studio, located in Mt. Lebanon, eight miles south of Pittsburgh, PA. Laura’s style is creative, natural, and timeless. Would you like beautiful portraits of your newborn baby, to update your child and family portraits or to document a milestone in your life such as a wedding, graduation, birthday or reunion? If you are interested in high quality, timeless photographs, book your session today, call (412) 654-3367 or email [email protected] To view a wide range of gorgeous portraits and to get great tips, advice and beautiful inspiration follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


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