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6 Ideas for a Vintage Inspired Wedding

Today's blog post is from a guest blogger, Angela Berry. Angela is from Sydney, Austrailia, and is a big advocate of healthy life, wedding, travel, lifestyle, which her articles demonstrate the best. Angela loves to read interesting articles, because every new experience broadens her horizons. That's how she found me.  She contacted me with the following message, "I love your style! I am here to share my experiences with others, and to help them open their eyes for the advantages of healthy lifestyle. I do that by blogging about it in my spare time. I would like to collaborate with you, as a guest blogger."  I read several of her acticles and was impressed. I decided to collaborate with Angela and am happy to post her article on vintage inspired weddings in it's entirety. Although I generally focus on newborn children and famiy photography, I began my photography career as a wedding photographer and love scheduling a few weddings each year.

Guest blog post by Angela Berry from Ripped.me

So, you met the right one, fell in love and decided to get married. Congratulations! But planning a wedding can be tiresome, especially if you don’t have a specific idea (or if you are too much in love and don’t care if you get married in the middle of a field). What next?

Well, Sydney, being the metropolis that it is, offers great opportunities for you to make your wedding the most memorable event of your life. How about a vintage wedding? It never goes out of date, plus it is not every day you get married, so you can afford to do things in a grand manner. Here is some advice we can offer:

Vintage wedding invitations

Is there a better way to kick things off?  Let everyone know from the start what to expect.  They are elegant, artistic, charming and some designs are simply stunning. In addition, they convey a message that your upcoming nuptials are special and add a touch of romance. Besides, your guests might keep them as a reminder of your joyous day.

Lace and then some more lace

Lace is a must-have as it can be used for anything from dresses to decorations. And let’s face it – what girl does not like lace? It is not something you would normally wear, but for a vintage wedding, this is an indispensable item. It can be a part of the invitations and even flower decorations. But, its main use would be the dresses – any bride or bridesmaid would be thrilled to wear it. Also, it can be used as a delicate hair accessory. Is there a material better suited for elegant weddings?

Consider renting a modern luxurious “carriage”

Well, we must not forget the groom. What man does not admire cars? What about a Rolls Royce? He will not notice the flower decorations, but this will catch his eye. And not just his - everyone’s. You are bound to draw attention wherever you go. Believe it or not, you can find these eye-catching luxurious wedding cars in Sydney with ease. They also have two more qualities that cannot be omitted – they are extremely comfortable and they offer an experience you don’t get to go through every day. What girl does not wish to walk out of an awe-inspiring car and then walk down the aisle? Almost like a fairytale - a modern, vintage fairytale.

Eating and drinking with style

Ok, we have already talked about lace and agreed to make it a part of some decorations but there are other things we need to consider. People need to eat and drink and therefore all they use would have to be vintage as not to ruin the overall atmosphere. Therefore, let us ask you this – have you considered serving tea? Using those tiny beautiful tea cups and a matching teapot to completely leave your guests spellbound is the way to go. You can also serve little cupcakes on a tray, the old-fashioned English way, and make sure that your wedding will be the talk of the year!

Choose music that will match the atmosphere

It would be nice to have music that matches this mood but as some people might not like it, feel free to find a more subdued alternative. Sydney has a lot of less-known bands that play any type of music so you can easily find the one that would be able to please most musical tastes. However, please keep in mind that the more classical the music is - the more authentic your wedding will be.

Ladies and gentlemen…

Do not forget that, in order to pull this type of wedding off, you will need your guests’ full cooperation. You can always remind them about the proper etiquette for this sort of thing, but it is best to show an example of the “proper” behavior and they will follow suit.

We hope that these tips helped steer you in the right direction. Keep in mind that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience which means you deserve this kind of a modern fairy tale experience. Best of luck! 

You can read more from Angela on her site, ripped me.

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