Pittsburgh School Dances | Pittsburgh Photographer

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Pittsburgh School Dances | Pittsburgh Photographer

I always enjoy collaborating with other small businesses, especially other Pittsburgh based small businesses! Today's guest blog post is from Pittsburgh Limousine Bus. I've been in many limousines over the years, I often ride along when I'm photographing weddings. But one of my most memorable rides was going to the Snow Ball my senior year of high school. We were still hungry after the dance so someone suggested going to Taco Bell's drive thru.  I thought it was funny that a limousine was even at a drive thru. Since the limo was so long we had to basically yell our order up to the driver for him to hear us and place our order. He was so patient dealing with all of our indecisive ordering! You can imagine how difficult it was for him to make those tight turns around the restaurant!  Looking back, I think it was wise for us to share the cost of the limo with other high school seniors because we traveled around town safely while having fun with our friends. Perhaps your children will be wanting to hire a limousine in the future.

Watching your children grow up into adulthood is something of a roller coaster when it comes to your emotions! Seeing your son or daughter and their group of friends dressed to the nines ready to head to their prom or homecoming dance is a solid test for these emotions. There's a lot of preparation that goes into getting ready for a dance in this day and age, and it seems a bit more involved than when you yourself were a teenager. There's more pressure to find the perfect dress or tuxedo, get a date and ticket, find a spot to take pictures, and arrange transportation.

While you might think it's a great plan to have your child and their friends hop in the back of your trusted mini van, that's often the last thing they want to do. Reserving a form of transportation not only brings you peace of mind as far as safety is concerned, but it also adds an element of style and convenience to their experience that makes it completely memorable for years to come. Teenagers can't get enough of the features on board such as multi colored neon lighting and stream-ready stereo systems with sub woofers. They'll have a great time socializing on board and showing off their ride to Snapchat and Instagram.

With professional transportation such as a Pittsburgh Charter Bus Company, there's no question about the safety of your child and their friends, and that's what it's all about. In fact, you can even decide to pre approve an itinerary so you know exactly where they're at before, during, and after the dance. Most parents are definitely sick of shelling out money for dance related needs by the end of the school year, but you'll be glad to know that splitting the cost among all of the passengers on board makes it an affordable investment for everybody involved. When you consider the convenience and quality of transportation, you'll see that it was money well spent! Reserving a party bus or limousine for the next dance experience is sure to make you the hippest parent in the school. 

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