Ella and Tutu: The Unicorn Search

February 07, 2018  •  1 Comment

Ella and Tutu: The Unicorn Search | Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer

Story by Anna Mares. Doll by Lenna McGraw. Photography by Laura Mares.

Today Ella and Tutu are taking part in a Unicorn Search Expedition. Together they have traveled from their home to go on safari. Tutu found an article explaining the rumors of Unicorn sightings in Pittsburgh, so the two decided to make a day of it.  Ella has decided to use her special telescope to help them find the fantastic creature. 

Sadly the first exhibit is home to a tiger (not the unicorn), but the girls still enjoy the friendly animal. 

Continuing along the trail, they stumble upon huge rocks and attempt to climb them. Ella's big sister helps boost them up to the top of the pile. 

Ella quickly solves her fear of heights, and enjoys posing on the interesting structure!

The next habitat is home to two ferocious lions. Ella and Tutu giggle as the big cats roar. 

The two friends are slowly becoming more and more disappointed with their lack of success in finding the majestic unicorn. Tutu decides that flying to the next destination will help boost team moral, so Ella pretends to fly as she flings Tutu into the air, faithful their ingenious plan will work. 

At first the plan is successful, and the girls laugh as they receive strange looks from other Zoo visitors. Within seconds however, Tutu's body comes crashing down on top of Ella! 

The silly girls decide that they will stick to walking as their form of transportation. Tutu has another spark of genius however, and decides that they should have a quick dance break before continuing on to the next exhibit. 

Reenergized, they continue on the path, and find the elephant exhibit. But once again, there are no unicorns. 

The girls have one final stop before their adventure is over, the aquarium. Ella loves this part the best, and excitedly searches the tanks for any sign of a Unicorn...

 All they find are some jellyfish, but Ella still enjoys the natural light show. 

The girls are quite depressed as they trudge back home, disappointed that they never met the unicorn! 

Tutu reminds the devastated Ella that they might always run into the unicorn on their way back to the car! The pep talk does the adventurers wonders as they set off to finish their journey. 

Suddenly out of the corner of her eye, Tutu spots a white mystical creature sprint behind the foliage! The two girls excitedly chase the sound....And sure enough they find the most beautiful unicorn ever, Zoe!

Zoe shares that she doesn't have any friends, and is quite lonely living all alone in Pittsburgh. The girls ponder the situation, and decide that they would love Zoe as a fellow friend! The three drive home together, excited for what future adventures may come their way. 

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What a wonderful adventure! I am very glad that they were able to locate a unicorn - and a beautiful one at that.
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